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Lesloisirsdemisti Hacks, Cheats and Guides

Lesloisirsdemisti Hacks, Cheats and Guides

Learn how to hack mobile games with our cheats! Read the best gaming guides here.

Mobile Strike Strategy for Building Constructions

Constructing the buildings is crucial in building and creating the base in Mobile Strike game. This guide will tackle the factors included in the speed and calculation of construction as a part of your Mobile Strike Strategy.

Boost Speed of Building Construction

In boosting the speed of building construction in Mobile Strike there are three main ways for it to acquire. The boost in speed of building construction can come from the Commander Skills, Construction Research and lastly the Commander Gears.

The instant completion or the “free speedup” can be utilized when the construction time has decreased to the instant complete level, however, this will depend on the level of VIP.

Building Construction Timer Calculation

Below is the equation used in calculating the actual building construction time.
X = total building construction speed boost modifier
Actual Time = Original Time/((x + 100) /100)
When 100% building construction boost is achieved, the actual building construction time will be cut in half.

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